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Regionalpark RheinMain

Exploring the urban landscape

Between Frankfurt am Main and the large number of nearby towns and municipalities, the region still boasts a number of large green expanses. Fields, meadows and woodland areas extend far into the core area around Frankfurt and provide local inhabitants with recreation opportunities right on their doorstep .

To enhance the value of the free space, the RhineMain Regionalpark has the task to protect and develop these landscape areas, which are vital) for a good lifestyle.

Recreation areas and points along the regional park routes invite to linger or tell interesting stories about certain landscapes. The routes lead the visitors past agricultural landscapes, idyllic „landscape islands“, industrial heritage sites, historical Gardens and parks as well as important sites from the early history to the present time.

The aim is to raise people‘s awareness of the environment and nature in this part of Germany and to awaken a child‘s spirit of discovery.

All of this in a contrasting landscape, side by side with picturesque natural spaces. The regional park routes lead through the extraordinarily varied Rhine-Main landscape. To discover them, you have to take the walking or cycling routes through the regional park. The routes are marked with a red triangle and already cover more than 550 km. The regional park uses wooden steles to mark attractions and provide a wide range of information on history and the landscape. The detailed leisure maps can be used to plan the next bike tour. They also provide a good overview of the are a.

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The Frankfurt Economic Development GmbH advises, supports and mediates

Our goal is to create growth and jobs in Frankfurt. We offer active company consulting and pursue cluster-related settlement strategies.

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A warm welcome to the district of Offenbach

Diversified, creative and close to nature: Made up of 13 municipalities, the district of Offenbach offers locals and visitors a vast cultural and recreational programme held in the pulsating metropolitan region of FrankfurtRhineMain.

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BRITA In Taunusstein: A Global Family

One of the world’s leading companies in drinking water optimisation, BRITA, has been headquartered in Taunusstein since the 70s. BRITA is currently expanding its headquarters at the site.

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Mainova AG: Your energy partner from Frankfurt

Mainova AG is the leading energy service provider in Frankfurt am Main and an energy partner for private and corporate customers all over Germany.

Where to live in Frankfurt Rhine-Main

Cosmopolitan and diverse – the towns and cities in Frankfurt Rhine-Main have masses to offer – be it arts or architecture, history or hospitality, parks or playgrounds. Much awaits for you to discover.

Frankfurt and the Districts

The affluent Sachsenhausen district, known in the local lingo as Dribbdebach or “the other side of the stream”, is known for its quaint cobble-stoned streets lined with chic restaurants, pubs and cider taverns.

Other Major Cities A-Z

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