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Football – a part of the German Culture

In Germany football is more than just a sport - it’s an essential part of the nation’s culture and identity. There is a long history of success and glory: Germany’s senior male team won 4 World Championships and 3 European Championships while Germany’s senior female team won 2 World Championships and 8 European Championships. Furthermore, the nation won countless junior World – and European Championships.
The Frankfurt Metropolitan area, one of Germany’s main economic centers, hosts a great variety of football clubs with different setups and different ambitions. One of the nation’s most senior football clubs, FSV Frankfurt 1899, runs a very strong concept by emphasizing the training and education of youngsters aged 6-18 and to develop them into senior professional players – ideally for FSV’s own senior team. FSV has a very high quota of people managing to make the step from the youth academy to the senior team.

Kids start at the FSV Frankfurt powered FFH Fußballschule (football school) at an age as early as 6 years to develop fundamental physical, mental and technical skills. This can be done in holiday courses and special camps at various locations in the Frankfurt Metropolitan Area. The most interested and talented players are invited to enter the DFB (German Football Association) licensed youth academy where a large number of specialized staff (coaches, medical staff, educational staff, psychologists etc.) take care of the holistic training of these ambitious players to facilitate them to develop into highly skilled and personally firm individuals. FSV Frankfurt’s youth academy is amongst the nation’s best and players compete at the highest level.

Notwithstanding the competitive nature of football it also largely contributes to the integration of individuals with diverse cultural and social backgrounds. The City of Frankfurt is amongst the most international cities in Germany and approximately 50% of the population have a migration background, representing approximately 90% of the world’s countries. At FSV Frankfurt’s youth academy the share of individuals with a migration background stands even higher at 60% and FSV’s educational program aims to fully integrate all humans and to foster attributes like team spirit, respect and tolerance. One of FSV’s aspiring players with migration pointed out: ‘coming from a foreign country is sometimes disadvantageous for me but at the football field there are no differences and for me FSV is like a great family where I feel save and protected’. The club not only promotes a very diverse player squad but also makes an effort to attract families and international guests to its games.

Football is unique: it’s global, it’s affordable, it unites!

Everyone coming to Germany should experience that very important part of German Culture!


FSV Frankfurt 1899
Richard-Herrmann-Platz 1
60386 Frankfurt am Main

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